Milestone 30

Life List

I’ve been inspired by blogger Maggie Mason

And so I’m starting my list – in no particular order of importance, of course.  I’ll continue to add and cross things off as I live –

1. learn the basics of farming.  successfully grow something other than herbs or one pepper.

2. visit all of the national parks.

3. become somebody’s mom.

4. get intimate with the manual settings on my DSLR – to achieve this, take pictures every day for a year. to keep honest, start a photoblog and post one for each day.

5. go on an Alaskan cruise or railroad tour

6. raise chickens. have fresh eggs on hand for breakfast or to share with neighbors.

7. learn to play a traditional song on the mandolin.

8. learn how to can (tomatoes, applesauce, etc.)

9. live close enough to family to be able to have dinner together at least one night each week.

10. see an opera at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City

11. adopt a senior cat or dog

12. attend a local survival school.  learn orienteering, tracking, and what not to eat

13. either do #12 with my child(ren) or teach these skills when they’re old enough

14. backpack the White Mountains, stay at AMC huts along the way

15. visit each of the 50 United States.

16. build a treehouse with Husband and the boy


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